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Boss Shots by Flavour Boss

18 excellent flavours to choose from, please see flavour profiles below.

We recommend using an eliquid calculator before mixing.

Requires mixing with Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. Do NOT vape neat!


Blue Lemonade - 37.5ml/250ml

A sweet lemonade combined with just the right combination of blueberries and fruits.

Bubbleberry - 40ml/250ml

A must have if you’ve got a sweet tooth. This strawberry bubblegum flavoured Boss Shot is guaranteed to take you back to your childhood and will give you a break from all that chewing!

Cola Slush - 42.5/250ml

An authentic cola slush with a slice of lemon on the side. Guaranteed to satisfy your vaping thirst.

***Contains WS-23. This product is prone to separation. Please ensure you shake well before each use.***

Death to Hipster Bears! - 45ml/250ml

A well-balanced blend of tropical fruits and gummy bears.

Dictators Lemonade - 32.5/250ml

A sweet sharp lemon that is cool on the exhale.

Fresca - 50ml/250ml

Ice cold glass of fresh watermelon juice blended with sweet ripe strawberry sorbet.

Green Slush - 22.5/250ml

Authentic lime slush containing Lime and Pink Guava.

***Please note this recipe contains an ingredient that may crack plastic tanks.  We recommend using glass or an RDA.***

Mr Croc's Left Handed Penguin Juice - 35ml/250ml

A refreshing guava, pineapple and grape energy drink. Perfect for a hot summers day.

***This recipe contains ingredients which have been known on rare occasions to split/crack plastic tanks.  Using glass or an RDA is advisable.***

Night Owl - 55ml/250ml

A deliciously light and fluffy mixture of salted caramel, marshmallow, and biscuit. Appropriately named after its suitability for whiling away the wee small hours with.

Nuclear Orangeade - 37.5ml/250ml

An explosive cloud of ice and billions and billions of oranges that will make you glow in the dark. *results may vary. Super delicious orange soda with a blast of ice.

Pineapple Sploosh - 25ml/250ml

A juicy pineapple layered across lemon and lime soda.

***Contains WS23/WS5. Please note this recipe contains ingredients that may cause a plastic tank to crack. We recommend using Glass/RDA.***

Purple Slush - 50ml/250ml

A delicious mix of grape, berries and boysenberry.

***Contains WS23***

Red Erik - 37.5ml/250ml

The taste of succulent red berries and fresh black grape are stampeded by overtones of punchy aniseed, and menthol. Red Erik Boss Shot is ideal for those who love fruit and mint and want to enjoy them all together.

***This product contains colouring.***

RY4 Boss - 50ml/250ml

A beautiful balance of flavours between biscuit, mild tobacco and sweet caramel/butterscotch. The butterscotch adds that touch without overpowering the tobacco flavouring. Best enjoyed after a meal or with a glass of Whiskey!

Screw'd - 52.5ml/250ml

Ice cream swirl with raspberry sauce and bubblegum.

Stripple Reborn - 50ml/250ml

A fresh flavour of home-made strawberry & raspberry ripple ice cream that is delightful and something you won’t find in the freezer aisle or ice cream shop.

Super Manchee - 30ml/250ml

A mix of Mango & Lychee with an ice cold blast.

Very Berry Donuts - 50ml/250ml

Berry cake doughnuts packed with blueberry bliss.

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