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NEO Shots brings you all your favourite Nom Nomz and Drip Art flavours in the convenient form of large, ready to mix bottles. Each bottle will have either 10%, 15% or 20% of concentrate depending on which flavour you choose.

Each NEO Shot purchase will also include nozzle.

We recommend using an eliquid calculator before mixing.

Requires mixing with Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. Do NOT vape neat!

Why not make it a kit?  Just add VG and nicotine shots above.

10% flavours will contain:

250ml - 25ml

15% flavours will contain:

250ml - 37.5ml

20% flavours will contain:

250ml - 50ml

Flavour Profiles

Anise Berry - 15%

A delightful blend of berry fruits with a delicate kick of anise...nom nom.

Blue Cheese - 20%

Creamy cheesecake topped with delicate blueberries, finished off with a tasty biscuit base... nom nom.

Chew Bacco - 20%

A truly indulgent dessert tobacco with notes of caramel, vanilla, custard, gingerbread and more...nom nom.

Cinnabomb Haze - 20%

Delicious cinnamon cream sponge, glazed with a gorgeous raspberry icing...nom nom.

Citirus Black - 20%

A tongue tingling flavour that's incredibly moreish, consisting of absinthe, liquorice, aniseed and citrus...nom nom.

Crème Anglaise - 20%

If you’re still looking for that perfect vanilla custard, or even if you’ve found it, we’re positive you’ll love this one….nom nom.

Dewy Glow - 20%

A flavour explosion of blueberries, raspberries and apples will leave a lasting impression all day long...nom nom.

Dough Boy - 20%

A scrumptious sugary doughnut, injected with thick creamy custard with a dollop of blackberry jam... nom nom.

Farmhouse Custard - 20%

Moreish sweet potato pie covered in beautiful, thick vanilla custard ...nom nom.

Fried Custard - 20%

Delicious fried dough filled with luxurious vanilla custard, a fried treat without the calories... nom nom.

Grimm's Nectar - 20%

A succulent apple pie engorged with creamy custard and a caramel drizzle, finished off with a sprinkle of cinnamon...nom nom.

Jamerang - 15%

A light and chewy meringue cookie with a blueberry jam filling...nom nom.

Jellyfish - 15%

A delightful tropical fruit jelly blend...nom nom.

Krispie Treat - 20%

Crispy rice packed together with marshmallow and caramel, with a peanut butter twist. Just like Mum used to make...nom nom.

Lime Bake - 20%

Fresh baked cookies straight from the oven with a lime cream centre and a hint of coconut...nom nom.

Lime Tart - 20%

Lime, cream and pastry combine to make a mouth watering dessert flavour. You'll be licking your lips after every vape...nom nom.

Monkey Brek - 20%

A gorgeous banana cream swirled through thick, creamy custard with a delicious biscuity undertone…nom nom.

Nana's Treat - 20%

Custard, cream and biscuit! What more could you ask for...nom nom.

Nom Bongo Black Edition - 15%

A tropical, fruity, summery treat!!  A magical blend of peach, papaya and mango. NOW INFUSED WITH DELICIOUSLY DARK FRUITS...nom nom.

Nom Bongo - 15%

A tropical, fruity, summery treat!!  A magical blend of peach, papaya and mango...nom nom.

Nom Bongo Ice Black Edition - 15%

Our classic fruit recipe served straight from the fridge. NOW INFUSED WITH DELICIOUSLY DARK FRUITS...nom nom.

Nom Bongo Ice - 15%

Our classic fruit recipe served straight from the fridge...nom nom.

Nutter Custard - 20%

So we thought we'd take two of our favourite things to eat, and cram them into a delicious vape!! Custard and peanut butter...nom nom.

Oyster Shell - 20%

Our take on a classic ice cream dessert. Cinnamon churros filled with delicious vanilla ice cream...nom nom.

Pear Drips - 15%

Our take on a classic!! This isn't your average pear drops flavour, we've added a touch of magic that will make your mouth water...nom nom.

Pineapple Cup - 15%

All butter pastry with pineapple jam, buttercream and fondant...nom nom.

Salted Indulgence - 20%

A creamy custard base, smothered in warm salted caramel with a sprinkle of brown sugar for a touch of sweetness…nom nom.

Sherbet Melba - 10%

A tangy sherbet with raspberry and peach notes. Certain to be an all day vape...nom nom.

Strawberry Ambrosia - 20%

Delicious fresh strawberries covered in Devon's finest, this one will keep you coming back, time and time again…nom nom.

Strawberry Crunch - 15%

Deliciously creamy custard with a vibrant strawberry throughout, finished off with a biscuit crunch.

Unicorn Frappe - 20%

A mythical blend of sour mango, blue raspberry, milk and dollop of whipped cream...nom nom.

Waffle Stack - 15%

Freshly made belgian waffles combine with the classic combination of peanut butter and banana to create the perfect all day breakfast vape...nom nom.


Thank you very much for the super fast delivery of the neo shot / monkey brek. Not sure how long it will take steeping but I'll just have to wait. Also good luck with the new line. I'm sure it will be just fine. Ian


Nom Bongo is so good I have been vaping it non stop since it arrived, it is the freshest fruit taste I have had from a liquid and feels like you are actually eating a peach and mango with a back note of papaya. I will be back for more of this. Super fast delivery too.


Just received my order. Happy now with my Nana's Treat. The only downside is i didn't received the 60ml decanting bottle also in my package.


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